Airport Style: Winter Edition

I loathe flying, especially during the holiday season. Lugging around a large purse and carry-on is bad enough, without having to take off your boots, belt, scarf, hat, and winter jacket for the good people working at TSA.

Trying to find on outfit that’s stylish enough for the street, comfortable enough for the flight, and that doesn’t need to be deconstructed in the security line is tough.

Here’s what got me through this holiday season:

1) Black cashmere sweater

This All Saints sweater is breathable, soft, with a bit of luxe. I love the v-neck in the back, too.

2) Leather pants

Leather trousers instantly make an otherwise blah outfit look stylish. These Theory Pittella pants are pretty stretchy without being constricting. No belt means one less thing to worry about in line.

3) Black wedge boots


I bought these Sorel’s this winter when I found myself bootless in the midst of a snow storm. They have a deep heel cup and great arch support. They kept my feet warm in slushy conditions, and were easy to out of and back into at airport security.


Add a scarf and a watch, and you’re good to go.




What’s your favourite outfit for flying?


  1. Well, a toddler could definitely change matters! I’d probably still stick with leatherish bottoms because they’re really easy to spot clean, and liquids don’t get absorbed easily into the fabric. But you’re probably less clumsy, and have more experience with tiny tots.
    Re: shoes, I almost always wear flats, universally, and especially when traveling–but these boots are more comfortable than any of the flat boots I tried on…except Uggs.

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