Flats for Flat Feet: Miu Miu Buckle Lace-Up Ballerina Review

The Good
First, the sizing. These start at size 4, and go up to size 12, accommodating both ends of the foot spectrum. They seem true to size, have a thin sole, and are quite flexible. The style is simultaneously classic, feminine, and edgy. I like that it comes with two pairs of straps, one black, and one gingham, which you can mix and match, or omit entirely. The leather is super soft and pliant, while the seam doesn’t cut into the ankle. The round–even squarish–toe box accommodates wider feet, while the vamp is high enough that it doesn’t cut into the bunion area. The adjustable buckles, which I love for both aesthetic and practical reasons, mean that the style can work with low and high insteps. These are the first buckled shoes I’ve encountered that are functionally Mary Janes–a necessarily evil for people with foot problems–but in no way resemble Mary Janes. Happily, these shoes also accommodate Correct Toes, which is a device worn in shoes that separate individual toes, and prevent me from having to wear my custom orthotics.

The Bad
If you need padding or arch support in your shoe, this pair isn’t for you. I find them more comfortable than Tieks, but Lanvin flats offer more padding. They might also look really dated in a couple of years, but that wouldn’t stop me from purchasing them or wearing them.

The Ugly
The price. That much for glorified ballet slippers? I’m crying on the inside.

Ultimate Decision
Pending, depending on reviews about durability, and possible sales. If I had normal feet, I’d definitely pass because of the price point, but too many of my boxes are checked to dismiss this pair outright.

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