How to Shape Your Brows Like A French Woman

When you hear “French style,” you might conjure up bold lips, striped Breton shirts, and natural hair, but have you ever noticed French eyebrows?

If you haven’t, it’s because French women know how to properly shape and accentuate them.

Eyebrows are an under-appreciated facial feature. They can beautifully frames your eyes and face, but with the wrong shaping or coloring, they can also make your face look haggard or harsh. For this reason, it’s important to ignore eyebrow trends and fads, and to find the shape and color that suits your face.

French women tend to keep their brows natural, plucking hairs that fall outside the main eyebrow line, and removing only the minimum to allow for a clean brow bone. Razor thin, over-plucked brows are rare, as are those that are excessively penciled-in.

French brows look fresh and natural, but require a little bit of grooming and maintenance.


To find the natural shape of your eyebrows, brush them up and to the side. Note that the arch will likely fall around three quarters of the way in from the bridge. Some eyebrows will be bushier toward the bridge, while others will be more even throughout.


To choose the right color, consult the above chart for suggestions. While both colors of your designated square can work, the darker shade will offer a more noticeable contrast. Factor in your skin’s undertone when choosing a color. Additionally, if you have reddish or flushed skin, avoid auburn colors in your brow if your goal is to minimize redness. Look for a cooler ash to tone down your skin.


For the ultimate low maintenance brows, consider popping into a salon and having your eyebrows tinted by a professional. The price range can vary considerably, but I’ve seen this service available for under $20. If that’s not an option, then you can enhance your brows with a pencil, shadow, or gel tint, or a combination thereof.

Regardless of what you choose, begin by brushing the brows up and to the side, which has the effect of opening your face, before filling in sparse areas.

Pencil has the advantage of being long-lasting. Use light, feathery, short strokes for a natural look.

The right shadow offers a more subtle look than pencil. You can use eyeshadow, but eyebrow shadow will last longer, and unlike eyeshadow, won’t crumble onto your eyes throughout the day.

Eyebrow tint, which comes with a mascara-like wand, is more subtle in color than either pencil or shadow. It also helps fix the shape of the brushed brow, but a drop of hair gel does this as well.

Before bed, apply a little castor oil to your brows, if they’re on the thin side. Anecdotally, this seems to help with hair growth.

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