Travel Make-Up Products to Leave at Home

Packing the right outfits for travel is tough, but deciding on what make-up to bring can be even more challenging. Tubes, compacts, brushes, creams–they all take up precious space in your purse, and they need to be easily accessible.

I want the bare minimum of products that’ll carry me through travel (planes and public transportation), work (conferences and meetings), and fun (night life).

That said, here are some packing rules for travel that I no longer follow:

1) Use Multi-Purpose Products

I loved the promise of a combined lip/cheek stain, but found that they don’t perform equally well on both your lips and cheeks, regardless of it’s in stick, compact, or liquid form. What works well on your lips can still make your skin break out, since your lips probably need more emollient than your skin. Sticks tend to dry out more quickly, so you’ll get the best value from a powder blush.

2) Bring A Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender seems perfect for traveling–it’s small, light, and can be used to apply liquids and powders. But beauty sponges need to be rinsed and washed frequently, and I don’t want to walk around with a damp sponge in my bag, worrying about bacteria and staining my purse’s lining. I much prefer to carry two travel brushes, one for powder, and one for concealer. Bonus: brushes waste less product.

3) Use Travel Containers

Travel containers are popular because you can fill them up at home, using your own products, thereby saving money. When it comes to foundation, or anti-aging serums or creams, however, travel containers aren’t ideal. They’re often too big and have large openings, making products more susceptible to contamination and drying out. Plus, skin products that contain Vitamin C or retinoids shouldn’t be exposed to light. See if you can obtain a travel-sized version of your favourite skin products, or bring the whole tube. Bringing your own container might seem more cost-efficient, but you end up losing more money and more product in the long run.

What do you end up leaving at home?


    1. Do you have something particular in mind? Many of the products in the photo are actually full-size, but are still quite small. I ended up switching products because I was always leaving my best stuff at home, like full-sized mascaras, and foundations that transform into powder on the skin. For some products, you could probably stop by a cosmetics counter and ask (may offer to pay?) for some samples, if you’re desperate. For others, like powders and shadows, you might be able to make your own palette.

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