While the Coffee Brews: Links to Read

Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists: “Arguing today that your body fat responds to everything you eat the exact same way is almost inconceivably naïve. But don’t blame the sugar industry for perpetuating this view. Blame the researchers and the nutrition authorities.”

Gary Taubes, author of the bestselling, Good Calories, Bad Calories, has a new book out, The Case Against SugarHere he is, writing in this weekend’s Sunday Review.


Meditation: How beneficial is it for you, really? Can meditating 10 minutes a day really alter your brain, as the multi-million dollar company, Headspace, claims? Having downloaded the Headspace app last month (it’s still percolating on my machine), I really enjoyed listening to CBC Radio’s podcast (abridged version of the interview here) on the science of mindfulness.


Thinking About Buying Designer Goods on eBay?: eBay is a tricky platform for buying and selling luxury items. If you’re a buyer, you fear receiving a fake instead of the real deal. If you’re a seller, you worry that you’ll sell to a buyer who’ll claim that your item is a fake, and return a knock-off to you. It’s no wonder that sites like The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective, which promise to guarantee an item’s authenticity, have flourished. But now, as The Fashion Law writes, eBay will finally begin to authenticate luxury goods.


Happy Sunday!

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