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On the theme of living ethically…

Although people can’t avoid committing harm in this world, they’re still drawn to ethical paths that promise purity, whether that’s eating a certain way (vegan, toxin-free, raw, etc.), or changing patterns of consumption (sustainable practices, fair wages, humane working conditions, etc.). In an interview with Julie Beck in the Atlantic, the political philosopher Alexis Shotwell discusses her new book, Against Purity: Living Ethically In Compromised Times. She explains that “personal purity is simultaneously inadequate, impossible, and politically dangerous for shared projects of living on earth.” If you want to solve the world’s problems, she argues, focusing on your own goodness is counterproductive. It’s a great interview that calls for embracing the imperfections that we’ve inherited, rather than trying to avoid them.

On the theme of tailoring…

This was an excellent article about Christy Rilling, Michelle Obama’s tailor, who’s also worked with a number of celebrities. I already knew from experience that clothes rarely fit off the rack, and that a tailor’s touch can transform the fit of the garment, but did you know:

If you’re two different sizes, and are looking for the perfect dress, a skilled tailor can combine two different garments of different sizes?

If you’re plus size, and buy multiples of the same garment, a skilled tailor can assemble them into one that’s your size?

If your boots are too loose in the ankle or calf, a skilled tailor can take them in so they fit perfectly?

On the theme of demonstrations…

If you watched any of the coverage from this weekend’s demonstrations, then you might’ve seen the slogan, “The Future Is Female.” It reminded me of a photo I’d seen from Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show, where runway models carried signs that read, “History Is Herstory” and “Free Freedom.” In fact, Cara Delevingne, who walked for that show, was seen the following year wearing a sweatshirt that said, “The Future Is Female.” In the aftermath of the presidential election, “The Future Is Female” has become ubiquitous among fashion and style bloggers, but did you know that it emerged from the 1970s lesbian separatist movement? Click here for the slogan’s his-, I mean, herstory.

On the theme of dark matter...

Still not found, after four years of searching.

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